Pura Vida!


August 2014 has been particularly bad with more chemtrail spraying than I witnessed in June and July. One day it was clearing up and gorgeous, brilliant blue as is normal in Uruguay. That night there was heavy spraying and in the morning the clouds remained and gathered enough moisture to rain that afternoon. I got out my geiger counter and tested.

When I had tested ambient air in the same location in July, result was just under 30 CPM; alpha, beta, and gamma.

When I tested (20 minutes) the ambient air after the rain for alpha, beta, and gamma the result was 40.05 CPM. That is not a large increase, but it does indicate that the clouds were raining down with materials from the chemtrail spraying the night before. See the pics.

Below are fotos in a video of selected days in the first two weeks of August 2014.

The latter half of 14 August was prolific for chemtrail plane photos. These taken after I completed video above.

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