Pura Vida!


swuycamposNote that doing business through Agencias de Inmobiliaria is more costly than doing business directly with property owners. Drop down menu for highlighted properties (e.g Mary’s Compound or Esteban’s property near Montevideo). Being here makes all the difference in finding multiple listings.

Same holds true for renting property. Rental agreements typically are: five months rent value deposited in Inmobiliaria account as security, one month rent value as payment to the Agencia for handling the transaction and first month’s rent. My experience with one Inmobiliaria led me to choose renting directly from a property owner. Many people in Uruguay do not use the internet, so it is easier to find property if you are actually here and able to look around for those sale or rental signs. I have combed through Real Estate websites and pulled out a few that seem informative, easy to use, and reasonable.

Listings in Salto, NW Uruguay near the Argentina Border:

Venta de Terrenos y Lotes

Uruguay (many locations):

Campos (6 Ha-1000’s Ha) Buy or rent

Investment Property Hotels, Houses, Land



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