Pura Vida!


These are thoughts on considerations for your planning to relocate to Uruguay.

Like many Latin American countries – Uruguay is a developing country and I bump into some common experiences that some of you may consider big drawbacks – my attitude is, be prepared to prepare and be flexible about it.

There are many items you would normally purchase in your country that you will not find here, nor will you be able to have those items sent through the usual online stores such as Amazon or EBay.

Pack your cargo bags or your crate for shipping your favorite products because you probably won’t find them here. I keep asking companies what it is that prevents them shipping to South America and I get no answers, perhaps it is Trade Agreements. So, take note…

Bring with you (or ship after arrival if you can afford that, and after submitting your application for residency to avoid import fees), the following items you just can’t live without.

Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste especially)
Freeze dried foods you love such as Miso and kelp
Special pillows, blankets, clothing, furniture, art, music, etc.

Whatever brings you happiness in your current space, consider that you probably won’t find it here.

For travel arrangements, I recommend you check out skyscanner.net – no pop up windows, no distracting advertising… you can check by day, by month, from airport or country to destination airport (MVD in Uruguay)… sky scanner is the best flight search service I have yet to find. Once you find the date and airline, you will be directed to the airline portal to purchase your ticket(s) – be sure to check the luggage regulations and choose your seat if you so desire.

For example, while living in North Central Florida I used the system to find the best prices and chose a flight from Ft Lauderdale that was found by choosing the United States as my departure location and the day by choosing the whole month. Do the math, will it be cheaper to fly out of another city or state than you reside in after ground transport to that airport?

If you plan to come to Uruguay, send me a note – I’d love to buy a particular camera but can’t find a source that will ship to Uruguay! I have the bucks, just need a  carrier…


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