Pura Vida!


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Heating by electricity can be expensive due to most buildings/homes not having insulation. Many people use gas heat:

Typical prices of services and products May 2014


  • GALES Servicios Financieros Exchange Colombian pesos for UY pesos COP 145,000.00 a 0.010740 = 1,557.00 UY pesos
  • GALES Servicios Financieros Exchange US dollars for UY pesos $118.00 a 22.796610 = 2,690 UY pesos


  • Antel (telephone, internet, fax, copy, print)
    Fax 2 pages to the United States (Zone 1) in UY pesos: 2×5.73 = 11.47 plus IVA (tax) at 22% 2.52 = 14.00 or $0.61 USD
  • Woman’s Bicycle, Winner brand, with rack over back tire, mud guards on both tires, rear and front lights electrified by cycling $229 USD at 25% off because employees unable to make lights work (lack of expertise) total: $148.70 with IVA (tax) $30.97 = $171.75 USD
  • Bicycle pump $25.90; Bike lock with keys $5.90; Gel padded bicycle gloves (fingerless) $32.00 with IVA (tax) $11.50 = $63.80 USD
  • Withdrawing cash in US dollars from Uruguayan banks, fee: $6.00 USD stated at ATM, but the charge to my bank was $8.40 (my bank: intl assessment fee of $1.30)
  • Withdrawing cash in Uruguayan pesos, fee 140.00 UY pesos ($2.00 USD)
  • Meal for three (enough food and red wine for four) close to Dayman Termas
    Parrilla (outdoor flame grill meats included chicken, chorizo, sausage, liver, viscera, steak) 380.00 UY pesos; 500 ml red wine 95 UY pesos; 1 mineral water 35 UY pesos; salad (sliced ripe tomatoes, boiled egg) 100 UY pesos; no IVA total 610 UY pesos or $26.99 USD. Meal came with bread and a dipping sauce (mayonnaise, onion, herbs).

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