Pura Vida!

Winter Prep

Starting with outside micro-climate management, I’ve added a layer of empty water bottles to the back fence to warm up the area which will house chickens later. It’s the 2nd of April and winter cold is just around the corner!

photo2(3) photo1(2)








Last week the temperature range changed and I put up black plastic to block the wind and absorb some heat. Today installation of the insulation factor commenced. Now when I’ve finished another water bottle (I know, not kosher) I will just deposit it right outside my front door! When that is filled up, I can stop buying bottled water (until I think of another project…).

photo1(3) photo2(4)









Ultimately,the space behind the bottle wall will have wind blocking, heat trapping plastic installed – hanging down from the balcony above and made secure with dowl and rope. This is an approximate representation. Ideally, I would build a frame to hold canvas walls with two windows and a door, and plastic bottle ceiling under the balcony to further trap and control heat in front of the house.

heat sink space

The heat sink at base of greenhouse frame, at black back wall begun. Need more jugs. Going hunting tomorrow.
























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