Pura Vida!

Visual Moringa Forest Plan

2 May: Lightning, long rolling thunder and intermittent rains began around 2  this morning. Below is the current condition of the moringa forest area. Now thinking to build hugel where the water is between the mounds to raise that profile and transform the flood zone to a buffer zone that will feed the mounds.

Photo on 5-2-15 at 10.15 Photo on 5-2-15 at 08.30








18 April afternoon: Seeded cabbage, red onion, lemon grass, and garlic cloves in the future Moringa Forest. This area is not expected to produce food for human consumption. There’s been a lot of auto activity there for years. The seeded plants are fodder for cut and drop soil building permaculture practices. The cabbage may also help draw worm egg layers away from the greenhouse. Lots of foot and toe biting ants along the edge at the street side. Regular watering to start the seed may help move them along…

Photo on 4-18-15 at 14.44
18 April Morning: Cut canals, made mounds, laid gravilla in canals & two holes (one may be a drain), placed posts/secured with rock wedges. Section between mounds is really compacted and finding a natural drain requires more time and muscle than I can muster. I broadcast rye grass on top of the mounds and red clover around the sides/edges. The area between the mounds may never drain well and so I may put about quarter meter of gravilla there to make the environment less swampy (that area will be a car pull in space).

Photos post rain 17 April and after contemplation mixed with (primitive) Moringa design idea.

I don’t desire to contribute to lost soil down the street drain, so the front edge will get special treatment.


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