Pura Vida!

Hugel Construction

The first set of pics is a mini-hugel I built 5 April 2015. It will also serve, through it’s infrastructure and materials, as a heat sink outside the kitchen which will get more sun in winter than it does now. It will also provide more homes to a variety of creatures, from snakes and spiders to millipedes and worms, which I found as I re-ordered this area.

Buckwheat & Barley planted 5 April. I had a small handful of  Buckwheat left, so I’m growing it for seed.


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Previous mini-hugels, below, got more attention today 6 April. Barley, Borbor (Lupinus Albus), garlic, & chia, (for quick green manure crop), planted after finishing off the tops of these mounds. First, I moved rock from the future greenhouse hugel area to shore up a linear bed along the side of the property. This was a bed I had already placed small wood, dried leaves, and end of summer tomato plants and greenhouse soil into and today I watered, seeded, tamped, covered with another layer of soil, tamped, and watered. The linear bed required watering regularly (sometimes 2x/day) before. The round bed inside the greenhouse is new (never planted) and is very deep with “pea gravel” filled holes (2) and excess water draining canals underneath. The canals go – outside to a hugel bed yet to be built and to a small series of drain holes and ultimately the long side trench to the Food Forest behind the house.


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