Pura Vida!

House of Salto

Sustainability Project Seeks Eco-Engineer with experience in permaculture, building furniture, pouring liquid cement floors, aquaculture…

What have you? See what’s going on here so far: http://yesusi.com/about/house-of-salto/tour/ also see in this site:

Food Forest
Curing the Foundation
Hugelkultur Greenhouse
Hugel Construction

Winter Prep
Moringa Forest Plan

In exchange you get free rent (11’x14′ room upstairs), high speed internet connection 24/7, and a casual lifestyle opportunity in northwest Uruguay. Best if you have your finances secured – minimum of $800-$1,000 USD is a good budget, more is better, of course.

I have no money to offer in exchange for your labor. The room, house access and internet value is about $250USD/month (which, depending on your skill level, may not be a lot of hours).  Access to the Food Forest opportunities, priceless. Entrepreneurial permies will get this. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in living in Uruguay indefinitely. Quite possibly in this house. Imagine that: the possibility of free rent forever! Send your projects portfolio and references to: fastenergy@lycos.com






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